Grace Maforah

Our Story

Welcome to JuneJulyco! Home to our luxury highly scented wax melts and stunning burners. We use coco-soy wax for all our melts and Paraffin wax for our Pillar candles, all hand poured in centurion South Africa.

JuneJulyCo is founded by myself Grace born and bred in East London. I moved to the big city to follow love, 10 years later, settled in Pretoria with 2 cute babies here I am finding myself fascinated everytime I have a new scent burning in my house.

Each of our wax melts are made in small batches by me and loaded with maximum fragrance oil %, ensuring that your room will be filled with the stunning scent that you have chosen to melt. We have plenty of different scents for you to choose from, mix and match melts to discover scents of your own.

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